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$$$$$ Sports Hi-Tech??? or Nearly Free Hi-Tech for You!!!

Analytics have changed baseball forever.

The source for MLB has been StatCast, which succeeded the earlier Pitch-fx system.

StatCast is mind-blowingly impressive, with its analytics on pitching, hitting, fielding, base running and more.

The hardware that makes it possible is also mind-blowing, shown here.

Exact cost per installation has not been published, but is easily $100,000's per stadium.

StatCast and other high-end baseball analytics are for the Pro's and the Elite teams.

But impressively precise hitting and pitching stats are here for YOU, the 300 million global baseball and cricket players, with SmartPitch. See also this video.

And unlike the pro tools, SmartPitch uses no special hardware -- just the phone in your pocket -- and is nearly free. So much #betterthanradar.

A HYPE Sports Innovation Featured Sports Tech Startup.

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