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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

We have spent thousands of hours testing and calibrating SmartPitch, still, it's always fun to capture more evidence of its amazing precision for Hitting and Pitching. See samples of earlier precision test success for pitching on Face-Off Shows Nothing is More Precise Than SmartPitch and SmartPitch vs. Stalker Radar Face-Off.

Here we share a Hitting test we ran yesterday measuring Launch Angle and Exit Velocity. Remember

  1. Radar cannot measure hitting stats of Launch Angle and Exit Velocity, one of multiple ways SmartPitch is #BetterThanRadar

  2. SmartPitch is the only smartphone-based tool in the world to measure hitting stats, including live stats during a game, and with the phone placed anywhere on the field.

Here is a screenshot from SmartPitch showing the location of the iPhone in foul ground near 3rd base for this test.

Here's a video of one of the "hits" being launched by a pitching machine and measured simultaneously by SmartPitch and by a video taken by the 2nd phone near home base.

Next is an annotated screenshot of a video taken from the 2nd phone placed directly opposite the pitching machine at home plate that we used for these hitting tests.

The video screenshot below is taken from the precision video physics analysis tool, Tracker, that can measure movement in video down to hundredths of feet.

The ball in motion is captured here in Frame 1, less than 1/30th of a second after flying off the pitching machine, and in Frame 2, exactly 1/30th of a second later. For scaling, we precisely placed 9 baseballs exactly 1 foot apart, measured using a steel tape.

The results of this Tracker Analysis of the physics of the moving ball show it moved 2.177 feet in 1/30th of a second, which is a 44.5 mph Exit Velocity. The Tracker physics tool analysis of the Launch Angle of the ball showed it was 24.3°.

Here is a screen capture video of SmartPitch measuring this hit. Play it to hear the standard SmartPitch audio call out on the smartphone.

SmartPitch achieved this amazing precision for these Hitting Stats from a distance of 75 feet from the ball's first motion at home plate using a standard iPhone X.

The fun and thrill of the amazing precision we have achieved with SmartPitch never wears off!

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