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*SmartPitch will not work correctly if hand-held. The smartphone needs to be mounted or placed on a stationary object to provide accurate readings*

Easy Steps to Set Up SPBowler for Cricket from SmartPitch

Quick Setup for Cricket Bowling ** App Is Coming Soon!! **


Open the SPBowler app, and choose START NEW SESSION 


Set up your phone on a tripod or clipped to a motionless support  
8 meters (26 feet) to the side of the Bowling Crease as shown in
this screen shot from the app. 

SPBowler Setup Image.png


Watch the Set-Up Tutorial Video by touching the red link


On the next screen, mark where the wickets are by Moving the 2 Red Vertical Lines to line up with bowler's and batsman's wickets.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 10.47.35 PM.png


Press Start, start bowling, and SP Bowler from SmartPitch will display & call out the speeds live, and will automatically save and chart the speeds for you to review and share with others.

Helpful Video Links

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