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*SmartPitch will not work correctly if hand-held. The smartphone needs to be mounted or placed on a stationary object to provide accurate readings*

Easy Steps to Set Up SPBowler for Cricket from SmartPitch

Quick Setup for Cricket Bowling **  Beta Version **


Choose Cricket, and choose START NEW SESSION. Choose Practice Mode. Settings has an option to use KPH for speed.


Set up your phone on a tripod or clipped to a motionless support  
10 meters to the side of the Bowling Crease as shown in
this screen shot from the app. 



On the next screen, mark where the wickets are by Moving the 2 Red Vertical Lines to line up with bowler's and batsman's wickets.  Press Start and start bowling.


NOTE: when the following Release Speed screen appears, select the correct Bowling Direction at the bottom of that screen, Right to Left or Left to Right



SmartPitch will display & call out the speeds live, and will automatically save and chart the speeds for you to review and share with others.

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