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TRIPOD HACKS - Use SmartPitch® Instantly Without a Tripod

You can use SmartPitch® as soon as you download it without a tripod.  The Tripod Hacks are great ways to get started having fun with SmartPitch® immediately. Later on, a tripod will provide even more versatility and training payoffs.

With SmartPitch®, don't think "Radar", think Different!  SmartPitch® works where radar cannot work:  from the Dugout, from the fences near the foul lines. To get started immediately, attach your phone to a post in the dugout, or on a fence post or fence railing. 

Sample Tripod Hacks:

1.  Rubber Bands. 

Loop a rubber band around one end of the phone, pass it around the dugout post or other post and slip the rubber band around the other end of the phone. Make sure the camera lens is not blocked by the pole!!

2. Masking Tape.                                 

Tape the phone to the post.  Use enough strips of tape so that the phone is held sturdily, and so that it will not wobble. The phone needs to be motionless when measuring speeds.               

3. Foam Rubber

Cut a slot in a piece of firm foam rubber to hold the camera. Then hollow out the bottom of the block of foam so that you can snugly push it onto the top of a fence post.  A block cut from a swimming pool noodle float works great, and is an example of a good firmness. Styrofoam also works well.   

4. Cardboard Camera Holder  

Cut a 3-1/2 x 5 inch piece of corrugated cardboard as shown here and slip it over the top fence railing.  Clip your phone onto the cardboard on both ends. But don't cover up the camera lens! You can use masking  tape to fasten the cardboard to the fence railing if you want to make it even sturdier. The cut on the left side is for wedging the cardboard between the fence wire and the post; see the bottom photo here.

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