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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Our previous post showed SmartPitch's amazing precision in a hitting example. Here's yet another example of amazing precision from our last pitching bullpen session.

The phone was on 3rd base on a full size field with 90 foot baselines and 60.5 feet between the rubber and the back of home plate.

Here's a video of SmartPitch calling out the speed, 66.5 mph

You also see how SmartPitch calls out the speed when the ball is only halfway to home plate. We can do this because of our unique & patented "Freedom of Location" technology, even with the phone 65 feet away from the pitcher's release point.

Below are the Tracker precision video tools used in physics labs to measure distances down to hundredths of feet. The first screenshot from Tracker shows the ball in each frame, starting with true release point just out of the hand all the way to the catcher's mitt.

The next screenshot shows the Tracker precision scaling using the pitcher's known exact height of 6 feet 1.5 inches (6.125 feet) and the distance the ball travels in its first 1/30th of a second, 3.253 feet.

This distance of 3.253 feet in 1/30 of a second, before the drag of air resistance has slowed the ball down, equates to 66.54 mph.

SmartPitch 66.5 mph

Precision Video 66.5 mph

Only SmartPitch® gives you precision and "Freedom of Location" to measure speeds placing your phone anywhere that you manage or watch the game, using a single standard smartphone.

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