Privacy Policy & Free Trials Policy

SmartPitch® require users to activate SmartPitch® by entering their email address. We will not, under any circumstances, share user email addresses with marketers who are not SmartPitch Partners or who are not directly affiliated with SmartPitch LLC.

We may occasionally send some users notices of major new features, or send invitations for you to recommend new features you would like to see added to SmartPitch®.


Potential users of SmartPitch® should note that SmartPitch® will use the video camera on your smartphone to take video of the flight of the ball.  SmartPitch® discards all video images in real time and no video images are kept or stored by the SmartPitch® app.


Location permission including use of your phone's GPS is required if the User chooses to use the optional Google Maps feature to locate and display the sports field where the User is located. SmartPitch® discards all location information in real time. 


This SmartPitch® website also uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies. Please see their Privacy Policy for more details about Google Analytics cookies.

Free Trials Policy:  SmartPitch® gives all first time users up to 30 free measurements of pitches or hits.  This Free Trials feature applies to each individual user, but cannot be used across multiple emails for the same user.  After a user purchases the Unlimited Uses version of SmartPitch using the In-App Purchase of the app store, the rules of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store governing Family Plans permits you to install and use the Unlimited Uses version on multiple phones in the family based on that purchase.