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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

At a Youth League game today, we set up SmartPitch® on Android to measure hitting Launch Angle, Exit Velocity & Distance -- the phone on the right in this photo -- and also set up SmartPitch® on iPhone on the left to measure pitch release speed at the same time.

The pitch came in at 62 mph and the batter hit the ball 125 feet for a single, with an Exit Velocity of 53 mph and Launch Angle of 22 degrees.

SmartPitch® Freedom of Location lets you set up the camera, or cameras, wherever you watch or manage the game.

These two phones were clipped to the fence about 50 feet past 3rd base, about 20 feet behind the 3rd base foul line.  

The Android app screenshot below shows that location on the screen you use to set up SmartPitch® and that tells the app where you have placed the camera.

With Freedom of Location, you can put the phone anywhere in the green area.

Some other apps force you to put the camera in one location on the field, which means you cannot use them live during the game. See this post.

Some other apps make you manipulate videos after the fact, which means you cannot get live results during the game the moment the action happens.

No other apps in the world handle both pitching and hitting, live in-game, hands-free.  See this post, "Nothing Like It in the World." 

See this post for another example of pitch speed and hitting stats on the same play. 

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