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STEP TO THE SIDE & Forget Radar for Best Camera Location Set Up

Don't think like a radar gun when using SmartPitch. In fact, think THE OPPOSITE of radar when setting up SmartPitch.

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STEP TO THE SIDE  and place the phone / camera perpendicular to the flight of the ball as much as possible.  Standing at the camera location, you should see the ball going from your right to left or left to right, not coming straight at you or straight away from you!!

With radar guns, you have to stand directly behind the pitcher / bowler or catcher / batsman to get accurate speeds.  This results in the comical sight of baseball scouts all bunched together behind home plate - the Silly Scouts Scrunch.

SmartPitch is the only smartphone speed measurement tool in the world that gives you Freedom of Location. You can set up and use SmartPitch almost anywhere that you normally manage or watch the game.  Those are ideal locations, always off to the side, whether in the dugout or in the stands. 

In SmartPitch Game mode, that means it is ideal to set up in the Dugout, or behind first or third base, or in the foul ground between first or third base and the dugout, or in the first 30 or 40 feet beyond first or third base.  That way, the ball will be moving sideways as you watch it, not coming toward or directly away from you. Also click on these links to see the blog posts,  "Good Set Up = Accurate SmartPitch Speeds" and "Tips for First Time SmartPitch Users."

We will talk about Cricket Game mode camera set up in a future post.

In SmartPitch Practice mode, that means it is ideal to set up as much to the side of the rubber or bowler's wicket as possible.  Try not to line up behind the pitcher or bowler.  In this diagram, Location 1 is better than Location 2, since it is more off to the side.  And Location 2 is better than Location 3, since Location 3 is tending toward being lined up with the flight of the ball directly behind the bowler or pitcher. The pairs of numbers are the number of meters to the right of and behind the pitcher or bowler. So 5, 3 means the phone on the tripod is 5 meters (15 feet) to the right of the rubber and 3 meters (9 feet) behind it. 

Just remember to "STEP TO THE SIDE"  and "THINK THE OPPOSITE OF RADAR" when setting up your phone on the tripod to use SmartPitch.

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