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SmartPitch® -- there is Nothing Like it in the World.

We assembled a video showing how easy hands-free SmartPitch® is to use across many different situations in everyday baseball life.

This video, and other blog entries under the Blog Post navigation tags "Freedom of Location" and "Set Up", show over and over how easy SmartPitch® is to use. It is the only app in the world you can use live and hands free from anywhere on the field, for both pitching and hitting. 

Radar cannot do that. No other app in the world can do that.

The video also shows that in addition to SmartPitch® being unique for working live from anywhere on the field, it also works when aimed at pitching or hitting videos that you are watching on your computer.

Enjoy this impressive collection of video clips  showing SmartPitch® in action measuring speeds from videos running on the computer: 

  1. On-field bullpen in GAME mode - camera on 1st base

  2. Live Youth League game on 90-ft bases in GAME mode - camera 50 past 3rd base in foul territory

  3. On-field bullpen in PRACTICE mode   - camera near the Rubber

  4. Night game under Artificial Lights, Adult League in GAME mode - camera in foul territory behind 1st base

  5. Hitting, backyard Batting Practice with Wiffle balls in PRACTICE mode - camera 15 ft over and 6 ft back from Tee / Home Plate

And always contact us at whenever you have any questions or would like tips on using SmartPitch® to improve your training and increase the fun you get from baseball.

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