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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We get asked for tips on setting up SmartPitch and here we give an illustrated step-by-step guide for the easy process. 

This example is using SmartPitch on Android for backyard BP (batting practice) with wiffle balls (no broken windows!!!). 

Set up takes about 15 seconds after you've done it a few times.

NOTE:  Anytime you don't get results or have questions about set-up, contact us at:

First mark off the distance you will use between the rubber and home.  SmartPitch's options are 35, 40, 43, 46, 50 and 60.5 feet.

Here we used 40 feet, marking the Rubber with the ball bucket lid.

Next, pace off the distance from "Home", the ball bucket, to the Android smartphone on its tripod. 

A good starting arrangement is 15 feet (5 paces) to the side and 6 feet (2 paces) back from Home.

Now start up SmartPitch and enter these distances on the Practice mode set-up screen.

Press the "Distance Rubber to Home" picklist and select the distance you have set up in your backyard, from 35 to 60.5 feet.

Press Next, and after confirming that the camera is not pointed too high up or too far down on the Vertical Centering screen (not shown here), just rotate the smartphone left or right so that you can see both Home and the Rubber within the viewing frame.

Finally, slide the two vertical red lines with your finger until the one of the left lines up with the back of Home Plate and the one on the right lines up with the Rubber.

That's it!!!  Just press "Start" and begin hitting those wiffle balls!!! 

Of course, if you're at a ball park or playground, you can use real baseballs and not worry about breaking any windows!!

For more set up tips, see the  "Tips for First Time SmartPitch Users" blog post. Also see "Good Set Up = Accurate SmartPitch Speeds".

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