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GOOD SET UP = Accurate SmartPitch Speeds

When set up properly, SmartPitch measures pitch speeds accurate to one-tenth of a mile per hour.

Set up is easy and takes about 15 seconds after a few tries.  But errors in entering set up information will reduce the accuracy of the speed measurements. So it pays to be careful in entering the set up information.

NOTE:  Anytime you don't get results or have questions about set-up, contact us at:

In Game Mode, you see a field diagram for baseball or cricket.  For baseball, you select in the bottom left whether you are at a field with 60-ft bases (softball and Little League) or 90-ft bases, and are shown the proper diagram for this field.

The diagram is marked with a grid of distances in feet from 1st or 3rd base for baseball. Each solid line in the grid is 10 feet apart. Dotted lines are 5 feet from the nearest solid line.  (We'll talk about the field diagram for cricket in another post.)

An easy way to measure where the tripod with your phone is located is to pace off the distance. 

The average adult has a pace of 3 feet.  So, in this diagram, the Red Star marks a tripod placed at the mouth of the dugout, 45 feet from first base toward home and 15 feet back from the foul line.  That's 15 paces down from first base (15 paces x 3 feet per pace = 45 feet) and 5 paces back from the foul line (5 paces x 3 feet per pace = 15 feet). Note: dugout location is not standardized and varies across different ball fields.

Just slide the crosshairs to the 45 feet down and 15 feet back position on the grid and that's it. You've marked the location perfectly.

In general, an error of 5 feet in marking the camera location in Game mode can cause an error of 1 mph. So it pays off to take a few seconds and mark the tripod & camera location carefully!  

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