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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

This will help you LOVE math: your smartphone + 1 rubber band = $1,500 Value.

A Jugs radar gun costs $1,500.

SmartPitch #betterthanradar costs $4.99.

Use a rubber band to set up SmartPitch in the dugout, and that rubber band + the magic SmartPitch software gives you a baseball speed gun as accurate as a Jugs gun, and much more versatile & powerful.

SmartPitch gives you

  • Hitting Exit Velocity and Launch Angle and Distance, Pitch & Pickoof Speed, and

  • Keeps all your data, not just the last 5 pitches, in charts and tables, and

  • Works from the dugout or anywhere you manage or watch the game.

Jugs cannot do any of that. No radar gun does that.

SmartPitch is just #betterthanradar. See it in action in this 15 second video...

So, all you team managers with little or no budgets: do you want pitch speed and hit Exit Velocity and Launch Angle for all your players? And Release Speed for your pitchers?

Get yourself a rubber band and the SmartPitch app in the App Store or Play Store, and start collecting stats similar to the pitch and hit stats from StatCast.


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