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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

In GAME mode, you have Freedom of Location to set up your phone on a tripod or clipped to a railing or pole in all the truly valuable places where you manage the game - the dugout - or watch the game - folding chairs in foul ground or the front rows of the stadium.

All you have to do is tell SmartPitch where you have chosen to locate the phone. In GAME mode, you do that with the Field Diagram.

The Field Diagram screen has a convenient grid to help you mark where the phone is by touching the screen.  Red crosshairs appear where you touch the screen and you slide them to mark the spot where the phone is.

When set up properly, SmartPitch measures pitch speeds accurate to one-tenth of a mile per hour.

Set up is easy and takes about 15 seconds after a few tries.  But errors in entering set up information will reduce the accuracy of the speed measurements. So it pays to be careful in entering the set up information.

We have annotated the following SmartPitch Field Diagrams to give you tips for always getting good, accurate set-up.  NOTE that the extra annotations shown were added for this tutorial and do not appear when you use the SmartPitch app.

In the first diagram, the phone is located at the end of the 3rd base dugout.  Angle the phone left or right on the tripod or clip on the railing or rubber band on the dugout pole so that you can see both the Rubber and Home in the screen.

Next, pace off the distance from the phone to the 3rd base foul line.  Here, that is 7 paces, which is 21 feet.  Take normal steps, not extra long ones or extra short ones.  For most adults, each pace will be close to 3 feet.

Then, walk down the foul line and count the number of paces until you reach 3rd base.  That is also 7 paces here, so 21 feet.

Now you know to slide the red crosshairs until they sit as close as possible on the 21 feet locations in the grid for distance from 3rd base and distance from the foul line.  The dot where the crosshairs meet is: 

  • Just to the right of the -20 line showing distance in feet from 3rd base toward home

  • Just below the 20 line that is parallel to the foul line showing distance in feet away from the foul line

That's it.  SmartPitch now knows exactly where you set up your phone and will measure pitch or hit speeds with extreme accuracy.

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