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SmartPitch is growing exponentially, has nearly 200,000 installs globally and is the hottest sports speed app in the world.

Nevertheless, it still bothers us when we see a negative user review that just says, "it doesn't work".

Of course, Yes, It Works!!!! We use and test SmartPitch nearly daily on iPhones and Android phones and have logged tens of thousands of hours continually testing and improving SmartPitch. Tens of thousands of users across the globe use SmartPitch daily. Yes, It Works!!!

So whenever we see this type of user comment we reply immediately and ask the user to contact us immediately for the live support we offer to all users.

We know that anyone who says SmartPitch "doesn't work" has done something wrong in the quick startup process (which takes only 20 to 30 seconds after the first several uses) that is preventing the app from detecting and measuring the moving ball. Based on what the user tells us, we can identify what's wrong and get them on their way quickly measuring pitches and hits. Here's a video of the 20 second setup, timed with a stopwatch.

We also remind users that the same as any athlete, SmartPitch often needs to "warm up", that is, to see 3 to 5 pitches or hits before its auto adjustment features using AI are able to fine tune the app to the current light conditions and the nature of ball movement.

So, if you are ever using SmartPitch and "it's not working", please contact us immediately at our easy to remember email address: and we'll get it working for you in a few minutes.

Because after all these tens of thousands of hours of "working" for us and for hundreds of thousands of users, we promise you, "YES, IT WORKS!!!".

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