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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

For Cricket, just as for Baseball, forget radar and set up your smartphone with SmartPitch to the side, not lined up with the pitch.

This view is the ideal location for setting up SmartPitch in Game mode. (See the post, STEP TO THE SIDE & Forget Radar for Best Camera Location Set Up for more on setting up to the side.) The camera is on a tripod or fixed post or railing midway between the wickets and perpendicular to the flight of the ball.

When setting up SmartPitch in Game mode, the field diagram below shows the ideal locations, marked with the 2 red arrows,  to place the smartphone. The camera is off to the side and perpendicular to the flight of the ball. 

SmartPitch will also work in any of the areas that are shaded in green.  The wickets in the field diagram are highlighted here by 2 red stars overlaid onto the diagram that you see in the app. 

Also mark the bowling direction from the point of view of someone standing at the smartphone location:  Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right. 

The grid marks the location in meters from the upper wicket in the field diagram.  In this case, the red crosshairs show that the camera is just beyond the boundary rope and a little over 70 meters from the upper wicket. 

If using SmartPitch during bowling practice on a full field, you can get even better results by placing the smartphone closer to the wickets. If using SmartPitch during batting practice on a full field, locate the smartphone behind a practice screen or barrier where it cannot be hit by the batted ball.

Also see the Set Up page on this website or visit our YouTube channel.


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