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$$$$$ Sports Hi-Tech??? or Nearly Free Hi-Tech for You!!! -- Chapter 2

We are as impressed as you with the $$$$$ sports Hi-Tech systems out there -- see our previous post on StatCast.

But as more big $$$$ tech continues to roll out, SmartPitch continues to put high tech in the pockets of the 300 million baseball and cricket players for nearly free.

Another example of the big $$$$ tech only available to a few people is the pitching lab at Wake Forest's David F. Couch Ballpark. "The pitching lab is part of a $12 million player development center ... that uses 16 high-speed cameras and motion-capture markers."

Even more exclusive and elite is the Baltimore Orioles state-of-the-art … tech-laden pitching lab … using 10 Qualisys markerless motion-capture cameras, TrackMan’s optically enhanced radar and three force plates embedded in the mound.

If Wake Forest spent $12 million for their lab, we can only guess how much this Major League Baseball team paid for all this technology.

One constant in this sports tech arms race? SmartPitch is always here for all 300 million of you!!!

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