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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

UPDATE 12 OCT 2023: Shortly after adding this Hidden Switch, we added a feature that automatically detects when a user is on a Pixel or Moto phone. We left the Hidden Switch active and in place but you don't need to use it anymore. See the SmartPitch blog post that announced this automatic detection feature.


We have just put a new version of SmartPitch into the Google Play Store with a Hidden Switch that addresses specific quirks of the Pixel and Moto Android phone video cameras.

The Google Play Store supports more than 17,500 different types of Android phones.

96% of our thousands and thousands of SmartPitch users -- over 200,000 users in total since 2018 -- have Samsung phones. They are using over 878 different Samsung models. SmartPitch works exactly as designed on these phones.

However, we have heard from a handful of Pixel and Moto SmartPitch users that in a few cases SmartPitch does not work as designed for them.

We have just added special hidden features into SmartPitch that you Pixel and Moto users can turn on to solve any problems you may have encountered.

Just install the latest version of SmartPitch from the Play Store. You can confirm you have the latest by going to Settings>Camera Set-Up> and scrolling down on that screen. You should have version or later and should see that listed at the very bottom. If you don't, you don't have the latest version with the hidden features.

Then, still on the Settings page, go to Air Temperature, set the temperature to 26°F and press Save in the top right of the screen.

Please note that the app turns the temperate back to 70°F internally when you start measuring pitches or hits, so setting at 26°F does not affect SmartPitch's precision!!

That's it. This is the HIDDEN SWITCH that turns on the special features for Pixel and Moto phones.

In a later release, we will automatically turn on these hidden features when SmartPitch recognizes that you are using a Pixel or Moto phone.

Please contact us at if you are using a type of phone other than Samsung and think your phone is not working properly with SmartPitch, or if you have any other questions or suggestions!

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