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Apologies to Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson but, Momma, don't let your babies grow up to be app developers!!

We started SmartPitch back in 2014 and launched our first app in 2017, doing it all as a tiny, father-son startup.

Boy, have we learned some lessons along the way.

Not only have we found our way onto over 200,000 phones of users in over 165 countries, we have learned our own private variation on the old one-liner, "Dying is easy, comedy is hard".

"iPhone is easy, Android is hard"

Did you know that the Play Store supports over 17,500 different models of Android phones?

And did you know that far from the locked down, standardized world of the iPhone operating system (iOS), the Android operating system is "just a suggestion". It is the wild, wild west that phone makers can modify anyway they want to.

That results in over 17,500 different ways that Android phones can behave.

Our most recent post, "Special: for Pixel and Moto Phone Users Only" shows just one example. Here's the back story:

We earned a U.S. Patent for our proprietary algorithms that can capture precise speed from live video on any smartphone located anywhere on the field.

Our precision code and thousands of math, physics and geometry equations analyze over 60 million live video feed pixels per second. We have a tag line, "SmartPitch can turn all 5 billion smartphones in the world into precision speed & sports training tools."

SmartPitch is installed in almost 9,000 different types of Android phones. But over time, we heard from a handful of Pixel and Moto phone users that they were having troubles using SmartPitch.

We researched this intensely and found that idiosyncrasies of the video camera software image processing on Pixel and Moto phones make them different from any other of the 10's of thousands of phones.

Remember, in AndroidLand, anything is fair.

So over the past week, we have added a feature that will detect what type of phone you are using and if it's a Pixel or Moto, SmartPitch will apply customized equations and video processing just for you!

Which brings us back to where we started: Momma, don't let your babies grow up to be app developers.

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