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THANK YOU!! to all you SmartPitch users!!!

SmartPitch has blown past 100,000 installations, with accelerating growth.

We do practically no advertising. We attract all these new users by being so much #betterthanradar. And being the ONLY hands-free & automatic sports speed & stats app in the world that measures hitting Launch Angle & Exit Velocity plus pitch release speed using 1 standard smartphones. For Android phones and iPhones. Live during the game or in practice. From where you manage or watch the game, with Freedom of Location.

And, SmartPitch users come from 120 Countries, including Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Australia, India, UK, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and many more.

Contact us at any time to get quick reply tips on fast and accurate set up and for ways to get the max training benefits from SmartPitch!!

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