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SmartPitch is now used in over 130 countries around the world.

It's used everywhere because it is so much #betterthanradar.

Here's a screen capture VIDEO of real-time SmartPitch user activity Sunday afternoon, 3 April 2022. At the rate of 24 Users in the Last 30 Minutes, that's almost one SmartPitch user per minute!!!

And here are fotos of SmartPitch being used today in the Dominican Republic in a 16-19 years old game in Santo Domingo, Pedro Brand. Our thanks to Malvin Beltre for the fotos.

See the FREEDOM OF LOCATION for which SmartPitch was awarded a patent in the foto below from the same game in Santo Domingo. The standard smartphone running SmartPitch is about 90 feet from the pitcher, back from the 1st base foul line near the fence.

SmartPitch works great from the dugout, in foul territory, in the stands, anywhere you watch or manage the game. Radar only works in 1 place: directly behind the catcher.

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