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Only App in the World with Hands Free Launch Angle & Exit Velocity

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This video shows the world's only hands free, live-in-game, Launch Angle & Exit Velocity app, in use in batting practice. Following it is the unique SmartPitch Hitting Heat Map chart of each hit from this session.

The phone is set up in foul ground near the 1st base dugout.  Only SmartPitch gives you Freedom of Location to place the phone anywhere where you manage or watch the game!!  See the blog posts GOOD SET UP = Accurate SmartPitch Speeds and  STEP TO THE SIDE & Forget Radar for Best Camera Location Set Up to see this Freedom of Location that SmartPitch is the only app in the world to give you.

And only SmartPitch gives you the Hitting Heat Map showing every hit with Launch Angle, Exit Velocity and whether it was a ground ball, line drive, fly ball, pop-up or a Barrel hit likely to go for extra bases or a home run, shown below.

Here is the unique SmartPitch Hitting Heat Map for the batting practice session shown in this video. The Hot Zones are Line Drives with launch angles of 10 to 25 degrees for balls with Exit Velocities of 60mph or higher. SmartPitch automatically provides this Hitting Heat Map for each hitting session.  

Barrels are hits with Exit Velocities of 85 mph or more and Launch Angles of 15 to 40 degrees. This session did not have any Barrels.

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