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SmartPitch is the world's only sports tool that can measure speeds with very high precision:

  • Automatically

  • Hands-free

  • For pitching or hitting (also Launch Angle & Distance)

  • Live during a game or match or during practice

  • From where you watch or manage the game - Freedom of Location

  • On both Android or iphone

And all this for $4.99, less than 1% of the cost of other radar tools, making it #betterthanradar

But did you know that SmartPitch can measure speeds "LIVE OR LATER" ??

You can take video of a game or practice, then play the video on your laptop or desktop, point SmartPitch at the playing video and get speeds from the video.

Here's an example:

See other examples at this video. And see multiple examples at this blog post.

During set up to take speeds off of videos, just enter the location of the phone when the video was taken and the distance from Rubber to Home that was being used.

Try that with radar!!! Sorry, all you radar products out there: you so last century and so dead end with the extra bonus of being so expensive!!!

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