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It's great fun that with the arrival of Spring, baseball is back, with MLB Opening Day this week and locally the opening of Youth League baseball.

Parents and Grandparents often watch their children's games from behind the foul line.  SmartPitch® is the only hands-free, live-in game speed measurement tool with "Freedom of Location" that lets you collect pitching and hitting stats from where you watch the game, from almost anywhere. 

Radar guns cannot do that.

Other speed apps cannot do that.

Here are two different Youth League Opening Day game pitchers measured with SmartPitch. The phone is located down the 3rd base foul line 50 feet beyond third base. Only SmartPitch® can do this.

Simply set up SmartPitch® in "Game" mode and touch the screen to mark where you have located the phone.  Here's that screen for these two videos with some descriptive text I've overlaid onto the screen.  

Also note that since this is Youth League, the Field Size in the bottom left is set to 60-ft Bases and Distance Rubber to Home is set to 46-ft.

That's it.  It's that easy, and only SmartPitch® with Freedom of Location can do this.

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