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Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Everyone should be able to commit 21 seconds to set up something as revolutionary as the patented SmartPitch sports tech tool that is #BetterThanRadar.

No one has ever used a sports tech tool like it before.

So, no one has experience with how it works, and it's natural that a new user is likely to need a few tries to get used to something so powerful and so new.

But it's hard to understand when someone says it's too hard to use.

Here's a video showing how to set up SmartPitch to measure pitch speeds from a video of a night game.

Use a stopwatch and you'll see the setup takes 21 seconds.

Someone who doesn't have 21 seconds to get the use of a revolutionary sports tech tool, SmartPitch, frankly has some bigger problems with their lives.

PS: You can use SmartPitch to measure speeds from a video of pitching or hitting as long as (1) The phone taking the video was motionless on a tripod or in a bracket or rubber band on a post, and (2) You know where the phone was located when the video was taken.

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