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CLASSIC POSTS:  With wintry December weather battering the United States, we're reposting this classic from 9 months ago.

For first timers using SmartPitch® we recommend setting up your phone camera 15 feet to the side and 6 back of the rubber using Practice Mode.  Here's a set up tutorial video for a backyard bullpen session using 15 x 6 feet, in the snow in March!  In it, SmartPitch® measures 10 pitches in less than 30 seconds.

In this video, SmartPitch® here is running on an Android phone. An iPhone version is also available with the new QuickStart mode for 1st time users.. 

The distance from the rubber (in this case, marked by a ball bucket) to home (here marked by a batting tee) is 35 feet. You can use SmartPitch® at distances up to 60.5 feet between the rubber and home. 

See other blog posts for additional examples and tips.  Just scroll down to the navigation keywords and press "Set Up".

Contact us for live personal help at if you have any questions when setting up and using SmartPitch®

(Originally Posted  13 March 2019)

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