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SmartPitch in Video Detects Effect of Increased Exit Velocity & Launch Angle

StatCast brought Launch Angle & Exit Velocity to Major League Baseball.

SmartPitch brings Launch Angle & Exit Velocity to every baseball player, coach and parent through their smartphones.

In this video of a live fungo hitting session, SmartPitch detects the effects of increased Launch Angle & Exit Velocity live the moment the ball is hit.

The first 3 hits on this video have Exit Velocities of 51 to 54 mph and Launch Angles of 25 to 29 degrees.  The ball travels 135 to 141 feet

The second 2 hits on the video have slightly higher Exit Velocities of 54 and 55 mph and higher Launch Angles of 29 to 32 degrees. These small increases add 12 to 22 feet to the distance the ball travels.

The last 2 hits on the video bump up to Exit Velocities of 59 to 60 mph and Launch Angles to 34 to 41 degrees.  These small increases add 10 to 24 feet to the distance the ball travels. 

SmartPitch is the only live, hands-free and use anywhere smartphone tool you can use to monitor your hitting training and improve your Launch Angle and Exit Velocity training!!  

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