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Your choice of baseball speed and hitting apps could not be easier or clearer!!

SmartPitch® ranks in the Top 200 of all sports apps, a group that includes MLB AtBat, ESPN and the NBA app. 2 other baseball speed apps rank in the 400-500 group and another ranks in the 800-900 group. These other X, Y and Z apps only measure pitching, not hitting; and are not available for Android phones, only iPhones.

SmartPitch captures hitting and pitching stats with high precision from anywhere on the field for Android phones and iPhones.

SmartPitch also ranks at the very top in user search results in Apple's App Store*. With thousands and thousands of baseball apps in the App Store, SmartPitch ranks:

Ranks #1 for the words:

“Pitch Speed”

“Hitting Speed”

“Baseball Hands Free Launch Angle”

Ranks #2 for the words:

“Baseball Speed Gun”

“Baseball Exit Velocity”

“Baseball Launch Angle”

“Baseball Hands Free Speed Gun”

“Baseball Hands Free Exit Velocity”

Ranks #3 for the words:

“Baseball Radar Gun”

“Baseball Hands Free Radar Gun”

*All rankings taken from the Apple App Store

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