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Updated: Mar 4

We originally created SmartPitch for baseball and cricket.

But SmartPitch fans have told us how they have used SmartPitch as a speed gun for golf, tennis, soccer, Lacrosse and disc (Frisbee) golf.

We have had fun using SmartPitch to measure golf drives in the backyard using wiffle balls.

See simple instructions for doing this yourself at this link on our site:

The Exit Velocity with this swing is 91.8 mph and Launch Angle is 22°.

Because this is a wiffle ball, the distance called out is not correct. You can convert the app's distance to the yards a standard golf ball would travel if you multiply by 0.32. For this swing, a golf ball would have gone 99 yards (310 feet x 0.32).

... and it's obvious, but we note that guy in the video (me) is NOT a golfer!!

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