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SmartPitch -- #BetterThanRadar

  • Steamships hugely shortened ocean crossings compared to sailing ships.

  • Cars hugely shortened travel compared to horses and carriages.

  • The internet & mobile phones shrunk how much we use mail & the post office.

AND SmartPitch® is today's stats savvy ball players' choice for measuring their performance and improving their training on the way to being drafted, or to meet their personal performance level goals.

SmartPitch - priced at $4.99 - has revolutionized speed and hitting measurement and is simply much #BetterThanRadar, which costs over $1,000 for a Jugs or Stalker, or costs $200 to $300 for a compromised compact version of radar.

Buying SmartPitch® - for the price of a large frappuccino at Starbucks - is a no brainer for joining the "Affordable Future of Speed Measurement"

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