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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

By now we've all received our fun personalized 2022 year-end reviews from Spotify, YouTube, the MLB app, and so-on.

So, here's our POW!!! BAM!!!, on fire, recap of how SmartPitch slayed 2022, thanks to the growing rush of all of you seizing the chance to be part of the Affordable Future of Speed Measurement!!! Thank you all very much !!!!!

SmartPitch installations peaked this summer at 2X the peak of 2021, a 100% increase in 2022 !!!

SmartPitch YouTube Views on our channel CarSonOfVic in 2022 reached 26 thousand with total watch time of 22,500 minutes

... and all this all happened across more than 125 countries.

Stay tuned for more Biff!!! Bam!!!! Pow!!! fun from SmartPitch in 2023!!!!

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