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With our thousands and thousands of SmartPitch users, we get a daily snapshot of baseball activity across the United States and around the world.

What we see lets us pass along a secret, special advantage that you can gain over the other players trying out for the baseball team in 2023.

We see baseball pitching and hitting practice spike up quickly each year beginning in February, month 1 for baseball. The level of activity rises each month until June, then the level drops off sharply beginning in July. The season winds down with the World Series in early November.

Of the 9 months to enjoy baseball and practice to get better skills, most players only use the first 5 months!!!

So, to get a 4 months head start on making the team next year, keep playing and practicing in July, August, September and October. You'll get a 4/9-ths advantage -- 44% !!!! -- over the majority of half-hearted players who stop practicing in June and July.

And keep using SmartPitch to measure your progress in pitching and hitting.

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