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We are upset to report that today Google robots screwed up, and inexplicably, and without any advance notice, just suddenly removed our very popular SmartPitch app from the Play Store.

We immediately filed a complaint, but as you all know, Google never, never, never, and did we say, never, lets you talk to a real person. The robot, automated reply to our complaint said we may need to wait 7 days for a reply.

Meanwhile, our iPhone app is unaffected in the Apple App Store.

And existing SmartPitch Android users can still use the app, but no new users can install the Android app, or even see it in the Play Store. And other unpredictable behaviors may affect existing Android users.

We are very sorry for this inexcusable screw up and clusterf**k by Google and it bots, and will fight like hell to get the Google robots to clean up their mess as quickly as possible.

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