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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

If SmartPitch on your Android phone is not picking up the speed of your pitches or hits, try this:  Adjust the Light Sensitivity setting.

The quality of cameras, lens and video software on Android phones varies widely.  Some Android smartphone cameras are just not very sensitive and do not adjust well to different light conditions. 

If you're using the SmartPitch Android app and it is not working - not reading the speed -- changing the Light Sensitivity setting will often fix that and allow SmartPitch to read the speeds.

NOTE:  Anytime you don't get results or have questions about set-up, contact us at:

See screen shots for How To tips on changing Light Sensitivity in the blog post here, TAKE CONTROL WITH SMARTPITCH SETTINGS, item #3, "ADJUST FOR DIFFICULT LIGHT CONDITIONS."

 Here's a summary:  Start by touching the gear symbol in the bottom right of the home screen for "Settings", then touch "Light Sensitivity". 

Slide the circle in the slider that appears to the right, as shown here.

Move the circle half-way to the right toward "Bright / High Contrast". Then it is essential to press "Save" in the upper right part of the screen.  Then press home the Home icon in the bottom left. Try measuring pitches or hits after making this simple adjustment. 

 If that adjustment is not enough to allow SmartPitch to see the ball, repeat this, but now slide the circle all the way to the right, press "Save", and try that setting.

If even that does not allow SmartPitch to see the ball, repeat but try sliding the circle to the left and press "Save". 

Experience with SmartPitch shows, however, that sliding the circle to the right is more likely to work than sliding it to the left.  

SmartPitch uses sophisticated proprietary live video image analysis algorithms to identify and measure the speeding ball.  Sometimes Android cameras just do not capture a clear image, but these adjustments to Light Sensitivity can often overcome an Android low quality video image.

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