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DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME with TOY Stopwatch Speed Apps

99% of the so-called Speed Gun and Radar Gun apps in the app stores are Toys. 

With toy stopwatch apps:

  • You are chained to your phone for every pitch.

  • You must touch and release a button when EACH pitch is released & caught. You have to act twice in 1/2 second or less.

  • The result:  these are inaccurate toys.  If you're off by as little as 1/10 of a second, a 70 mph pitch reads 56 mph on these sloppy toys !!!!!!! 

  • They don't work at all for hitting. They cannot give exit velocity or launch angle or distance.

SmartPitch is hands free and automatic for pitching & hitting

  • SmartPitch measures & records each pitch & hit automatically & accurately while you sit back & watch or manage the game.

  • SmartPitch gives hitting stats similar to Statcast:  Exit Velocity, Launch Angle & Distance ball travels

Don't waste your time with Toy stopwatch apps!!!  Try SmartPitch for free for 30 pitches or hits.

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