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SmartPitch in the Play Store is about to break into the Top 100 ranking of all sports apps. We hit the #110 spot today, rising rapidly over the past 2 weeks out of a total of 114,000 sports apps in the Play Store.

The top 100 sports apps includes mega heavy hitters like the MLB At Bat, ESPN, NBA, Adidas, Fox Sports and NBC Sports apps.

Here's a way to feel how huge a win this is for the Little Engine That Could, SmartPitch. The diagram shown here is a grid with 114,000 squares in it.

SmartPitch, at #110, is in the left 1/4 of the first row of this grid!!! 99.9% of all sports apps rank LOWER than SmartPitch!!!

So, if you suffer from FOMO, move now and join the stampede of players using SmartPitch!!! Available in the Play Store and also in the AppStore for iPhones.

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