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SmartPitch can magically read pitch speed even when 165 feet from the pitcher, thanks to its patented Freedom of Location and proprietary live video analysis technology using a standard smartphone.

This video from a local 28 April 2022 varsity high school game shows SmartPitch located 165 feet from the pitcher, far beyond first base down the right field foul line.

The video shows how tiny the ball looks 165 feet from the phone in the live video that SmartPitch analyzes. The ball is a blurry gray blob only 2 -3 pixels in size moving from right to left that very much blends in with the background.

But the SmartPitch live video analysis technology is able to identify which of the many items that are moving in the video is the ball. And thousands of geometry, math and physics equations are executed in less than two-tenths of a second to precisely measure the speed and call it out on your phone's speakers.

Use SmartPitch wherever you watch or manage the game, so much #betterthanradar, which can ONLY be used DIRECTLY behind home plate. Sorry, Radar!!!

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