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When SmartPitch® is set up for Hitting it measures Exit Velocity and Launch Angle of hits off the bat ... AND ... it can measure pickoff throws from the catcher.

If the catcher makes a pickoff throw to gun down a runner trying to steal 2nd base, SmartPitch® can measure the speed of that throw.

This diagram illustrates how to SmartPitch®, a throw from the catcher from right behind home plate looks very much like a hit off the bat. 

And the video below from a Youth League game shows SmartPitch® doing just this.

The Android version of the app is set up to measure hitting, so the screen is set up to display Exit Velocity and Launch Angle.

In this video, the batter swings and misses. The runner on first tries to steal second base. And the catcher throws to second, in time to cut down the runner. 

SmartPitch® measures the catcher's pickoff throw at 48.8 mph.

The video does not show it since it happened off screen to the left, but the throw nailed the runner, who was called out.

And the catcher's throw at 48.8 mph was faster than the little Youth League pitcher had been pitching in the same inning!!

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