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SmartPitch has not only blown past 200,000 installations, these users span the globe: they up their game using SmartPitch in 163 countries, almost every country in the world.

SmartPitch has massively disrupted the global consumer-level speed sports tech market.

We provide "The Affordable Future of Speed Measurement" for the hundreds of millions of baseball and cricket players who can't afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on radar and other high tech machinery.

More than 50% of our users live outside the United States. Here are the Top 10 non-U.S. sports player and fan bases for SmartPitch.

Globally over 200 million people play cricket vs about 65 million for baseball, so seeing Pakistan and India as leaders here is no surprise. And for avid baseball fans, it's hard to top the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Mexico.

SmartPitch is designed for both baseball and cricket, pitching & bowling, and hitting. Live during the game or match, or in Practice Mode in the bullpen, batting cage or the nets. For iPhones and Android, USING JUST YOUR PHONE!!!

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