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Baseball has the worst Youth Problem of all major sports, and SmartPitch can help.

Baseball has suffered a bigger decline in the percent of youth who play over the last 10 years than basketball, soccer or football.

There are multiple reasons, but SmartPitch hits more than one youth Hot Button: kids live glued to their phones and kids love video games.

SmartPitch puts phones into the heart of playing baseball, measuring pitch speed and StatCast-like hitting stats of Exit Velocity, Launch Angle and Distance.

And in video game style, SmartPitch has a Home Run Derby-like callout that blasts out a Home Run call over the phone's speakers and flashes a Home Run logo on the phone's screen.

The way kids like to compete for Best Score on video games, SmartPitch automatically tracks all pitch and hit stats, giving all kids bragging rights when their practice and fitness efforts pay off in new personal Best Scores, or even peer group, team or League best scores!

So, play by their rules, and use SmartPitch's phone and video game features to get kids interested in baseball again!!!

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