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Launch Angle Revolution - Train for It with SmartPitch

Launch Angle has revolutionized hitting training, and SmartPitch is a unique Training Tool for mastering launch angle.

Major League Baseball stats show the trend toward fewer ground balls hit and more fly balls.

Ground ball percent of hits has dropped from 45% in 2015 to 40% in early 2018 stats.  Fly ball percent has increased from 34% to 38% related to average Launch Angle increasing from 10.1 degrees to 13.4 degrees.

Hitter success with fly balls measured by wOBA (Weighted on Base Average) increases from 22% for Ground Balls to 34% for Fly Balls, an increase of 55%.  And success soars with Line Drives to 68%, a 3x improvement!!!!

So, how does a hitter track his or her training for getting the optimal Launch Angle? With SmartPitch, the world's only hands-free launch angle & exit velocity smartphone app you can use for training and live in the game.  Track your launch angle improvements as you progress with your hitting training and with your in-game hitting.

SmartPitch tracks launch angle and exit velocity data and in unique Heat Map charts. The combined Exit Velocity and Launch Angle of every hit shows your distribution of Fly Balls, Line Drives and and Ground Balls.

Get ahead of the competition and join the Launch Angle hitting revolution with SmartPitch!!

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