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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

See the previous Post on using the SmartPitch Hitting Extra Precision feature.

It includes links to 2 videos of this feature in use.

Here's a step-by-step example of how the Extra Precision feature works.

  1. The ball is hit just inside the right field foul line.

  2. The phone is located in foul ground beyond 1st base.

  3. Since the ball is moving right toward the phone, the ball appears to be moving more slowly than it really is.

  4. The app automatically reads this slower-than-actual apparent Exit Velocity of 25.5 mph. Since the ball was not hit into Center Field, touch the Extra Precision button to get the actual Exit Velocity. When the ball is hit generally into the Center Field area, you should not use the Extra Precision feature, since the Exit Velocity, Launch Angle and Distance will already by very precise.

  5. Touch the Field Diagram where the ball landed. That sector is instantly highlighted.

  6. Touch NEXT on the field diagram.

  7. SmartPitch Extra Precision instantly displays the actual Exit Velocity and Launch Angle and Distance.

  8. NOTE: You should not use the Extra Precision feature if the ball is hit generally into the Center Field area. The EV, LA and Distance will already be very precise if the ball lands in the Center Field area

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