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Bring BIG LEAGUE HITTING STATS to Neighborhood Ball Fields

SmartPitch® brings the newest breakthrough hitting metrics -- EXIT VELOCITY & LAUNCH ANGLE -- that are revolutionizing players', fans', managers', scouts' and trainers' approach to hitting, to anyone with a smartphone.

Here are the screens you get with each hit and the hitting heat map. The heat map identifies which hits are Barrels, balls likely to be home runs or extra base hits.

FiveThirtyEight's article "The New Science of Hitting" does a great job explaining how revolutionary these new metrics are. Here's a key quote from that article:

In broadcast booths, on scoreboards and on Twitter, there’s a wave of new information sweeping across Major League Baseball.   ...  Although MLB has made only a limited portion of that information available, Statcast’s new metrics have enormous potential to change our understanding of baseball, telling us not only what happened, but also how it happened.

On the other hand, they’re largely unfamiliar to fans used to thinking in terms of old-school metrics. ... three of Statcast’s new statistics — launch angle, exit velocity and distance, all of which long existed only in the dreams of sabermetricians — and explore what they can tell us about hitters.

Now with SmartPitch® anyone who plays baseball gets these same hitting metrics -- Exit Velocity, Launch Angle and Estimated Distance -- in their backyards or at their neighborhood ball fields. Click here for a video of an early test version of SmartPitch calling out hitting Exit Velocity and Launch Angle in use at a local ball field. SmartPitch, the Affordable Future of Speed Measurement, turns anyone's smartphone into a precision speed measurement "gun" for baseball pitching and hitting and for cricket bowling and batting. 

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