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As we reported earlier in our post "SORRY, GLOBAL SMARTPITCH FANS, BUT GOOGLE IS SCREWING YOU", Google has suddenly declared it will start charging more than 1,000 times the charge it always used in the past for sending SMS text messages to a long list of hundreds of countries. This will affect new, first-time SmartPitch users.

Starting tomorrow, Oct. 1, 2023, when a new user activates SmartPitch for the first time, the option to receive the activation code via text message will not work in those prohibitively expensive SMS rate countries.

But users can still use their email address to activate SmartPitch when they install our app for the first time.

So, if you decide to use the "Activate With Your Phone" option, and live in one of the prohibitively expensive SMS rate countries, you will get a message saying that Google was not authorized by SmartPitch to send your SMS text message activation code.

If that happens, simply enter your email in the appropriate box and proceed with your quick and simple SmartPitch activation.

Existing users of SmartPitch are not affected by this money gouging move by Google.

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