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Only SmartPitch® gives you "Freedom of Location" and the power to handle difficult light conditions, and to do that live, in-game. And does it automatically and hands-free without you having to touch the phone for each pitch.

Yesterday we used both SmartPitch® Android and iPhone at a local JV baseball game. Some apps make you put your phone on the ground in front of the pitcher ON THE FIELD, so cannot be used live, while the game is going on.

But SmartPitch lets you set up the phone during the game from where you're watching the game by using Game Mode. 

That's "FREEDOM OF LOCATION", and to get this powerful feature, all you have to do is touch the field diagram to mark where you've placed the phone, shown in this diagram. That's it.  It's that simple!!  

Here the phone was on the fence about 35-ft beyond 1st base in foul territory, about 20 feet back from the foul line.  Complex advanced math inside SmartPitch® manipulates all the optical and perspective issues involved with the flight of the ball at this angle of view as it flies from the rubber toward home, and calculates precise true release speeds. It does this LIVE during the game, in less than a second, regardless of where in the green area on this diagram that you place the phone camera. Radar guns cannot do this!!

SmartPitch®'s advanced math algorithms can still detect speed in poor and difficult light conditions. This game in April started at 5pm and the speed readings were taken at 6pm, with the sun very low in the west, throwing the field mostly into deep shadows from the trees lining the field.

This created alternating strips of light and shadow that the pitched ball traveled through.  The app adjusts automatically to these conditions and still picks up the moving ball, even though it is only a tiny moving dot in the video frame.

The photo below gives a hint of what the app has to automatically detect in less than 1/15 th of a second. Can you see the ball inside the red circle 2/3 of the way to home? That's what the app has to pick out from all the the other shapes and movements in the video.

Here are samples of SmartPitch® speeds taken yesterday live during this JV game from this location down the 1st base foul line.

Top left is on Android. The other 3 are on an iPhone. 

SmartPitch® is the only speed measurement tool in the world that can do all this:  FREEDOM & LIGHT LIVE, IN-GAME, AUTOMATIC & HANDS FREE.

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