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Now Also A Precision Live Hitting Training Tool

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Distance
Hands Free Live Hitting Stats from Dugout

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SmartPitch® vs Stalker Radar Gun Live & Hands-Free

SmartPitch® matches Stalker at  1%
of the cost!!!!!!
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SmartPitch® Prototype in Use during a game
​Live & Hands-Free
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Live & Hands-Free Screens 
     SmartPitch® Screens
Launch Angle & Exit Velocity

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Set-Up & Use in the Back Yard ​Live & Hands-Free
Video of Prototype in Use  
Easy 3-Step SmartPitch® set up.
Hands-free,  Fully Automated,  PRECISION pitch speed. 
plus: Voice Speed Callout, Pitch Database, Stats and Charts.
Dexter and Chuck with SmartPitch® app on iPhone after successful
side-by-side field tests of
vs a Stalker radar gun.

Read Dexter's 10th Grade Essay, "My Journey into Baseball"
Dexter 's "My Journey into Baseball" essay showed how important baseball became for him. Complete with teacher's red pen comments.

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