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We will soon be adding Pitcher Extension and are testing adding Pitch Path Overlays that show your pitches' ability to reduce Batter's Decision to Swing time.

  • Pitcher Extension -- How far from the Rubber Pitcher Releases the Ball

  • Batter's Decision Time to Swing - How Fastballs and Offspeed pitches with the same early path reduce time batter has to decide whether or not, and where to swing

Until now, these hard to get pitcher training tools have only been found on expensive high end pitcher training facility-based systems.

Patented SmartPitch will provide them using just the phone you already have in your pocket.

Pitcher Extension will be available in a few weeks.

Batter's Decision Time to Swing is in the testing phase and our target release is late 2024 or early 2025

Increasing Pitcher Extension increases the apparent speed of a pitch by reducing the time the batter has to evaluate the pitch. The distance from the rubber to the front of the plate where the bat meets the ball is 59 feet. With an extension of 5 feet, the ball travels 54 feet to bat contact. With extension of 7 feet, the ball only travels 52 to bat contact, taking less time from the release point.

Recent MLB data analysis shows this affect on apparent pitch speed. With this new feature, SmartPitch will give you this same data to help you train to optimize your pitch extension

We will explain SmartPitch's upcoming Batter's Decision Time to Swing feature in a future blog post here.

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