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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

SmartPitch® is the only hands free, use anywhere speed app in the world. And it's the only app you can use BOTH live in games OR in bullpen and batting practice sessions, always hands free. (Game Mode and Practice Mode.)

Unlike toy stopwatch apps, with SmartPitch® you do not have to constantly touch the screen and press at 1/2 second intervals. See  "Don't Waste Your Time with Toy Stopwatch Speed Apps".

For quick bullpen set-up, position your phone 15 feet to the side of the rubber - 5 paces - and 6 feet back - 2 paces. For Right Handed pitchers, place the phone on the 3rd base side. 

NOTE:  If you don't get results or have questions about set-up, write us anytime at:

It's ESSENTIAL TO ANGLE THE PHONE as shown in this diagram so that you see both the rubber (on the left edge of the screen) and home (on the right) in the phone's video screen.

On the Practice Mode set up screen, the default values are 15 feet to the side and 6 feet back. Here's an example for a bullpen pitching session.

SmartPitch® gives you "Freedom of Location" so you can place the phone at thousands of other locations, but for 1st time use, try 15 feet to the side and 6 feet back.

And remember that in Game mode, you can place the phone in the dugout or in the stands or in foul ground. No other speed app lets you do that!   See "Step to the Side", "Good Set-Up",  "Tips for 1st Time SmartPitch Users", and "EZ Set-Up" for backyard use.

Then touch the "Distance Rubber to Home" pick list and select the distance at the bullpen or field you're using, between 35 and 60.5 feet.  For iPhones, press "Done" in the right middle of the screen.  That's not necessary for Android phones. Here's an example for a Batting Practice session.

Then press Done for the Rubber to Home distance and then Next in the top right. 

This photo shows this set-up -- 15 feet to the side and 6 feet back -- in a backyard Pitching bullpen Practice set-up.  Here a ball bucket is being used to mark the Rubber and the ball bucket lid is being used to mark Home.

The last step is to tell SmartPitch® where the Rubber and Home are on the phones video screen by sliding the vertical marker lines.

For Left Handed pitchers, follow the same steps but place the phone on the 1st base side of the rubber. 

On either side, the phone should face the pitcher's chest and should NOT be behind his or her back.

Then on the following screens, just touch the screen to indicate the location of the rubber and home and you're ready to pitch and to let SmartPitch® tell you how you're doing!! 

After a few tries, set-up only takes a trivial 15 seconds.

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