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New for iPhone, a super simple way for new SmartPitch users to get started measuring speeds in seconds :  QuickStart.

You still have the full "Freedom of Location" option, by choosing "Custom Location Mode." 

But, for new users, QuickStart is a very fast and easy way to get started.  Just choose PITCHING or HITTING at the Top of the Home Screen.

Press QuickStart on the Home screen, then follow the simple set-up instructions.

The screen shown here on the right is the set-up diagram for Right Handed Pitching.  Left Handed Pitching, and RH and LH Hitting also have set-up diagrams showing where to place your smartphone.

The red YouTube icon on this screen starts a short QuickStart Tutorial Video.  To see that video now, touch the video preview screen, below.

QuickStart Tutorial Video:

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