Frequently Asked Questions

SmartPitch® is easy to set up
in less than 20 seconds.
These FAQ's provide tips
based on extensive User experience.
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    Where should I place my smartphone?
    SmartPitch® is hugely more flexible than radar guns and gives you "Freedom of Location". You can place your smartphone in the dugout, in foul territory, in the bullpen or near the batting cage. Color-coded touch-screen diagrams guide you.
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    How accurate is SmartPitch®?
    SmartPitch® is accurate to 0.2 mph if you are accurate marking the location of your camera, the rubber and home. Being sloppy with set-up reduces absolute accuracy, but even then, the relative differences between pitch speeds will be accurate.
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    What does Game or Practice mode mean?
    "Freedom of Location" lets you locate your smartphone nearly anywhere. In Game Mode, use SmartPitch® from the dugout or foul territory during a live game. In Practice mode, put it near the bullpen rubber or the batting cage.
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    What's Special about SmartPitch®?
    1. You get accuracy comparable to Jugs and Stalker accuracy but with more features for 2% of the price. 2. You don't have to line up behind the catcher. Use SmartPitch® from where you watch or manage the game. 3. Gives Hitting Exit Velocity & Launch Angle
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    Any tips for Practice Mode?
    Users get best Practice mode results when they locate their smartphone between 13 and 25 feet to the side of the rubber or home. But SmartPitch® works when as close as 9 feet from the rubber. In Game mode, it can be 150 feet or more away.
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    Does SmartPitch® work on cloudy days?
    Yes, it works well on both cloudy and sunny days. If you have a choice of sides of the field, keep the sun at your back instead of facing the sun. Also, Settings has an optional Light Sensitivity slider to adjust for low contrast or high contrast situations.
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    What about other Speed Apps?
    Don't waste time w/ toy "stop-watch" apps you press & release when ball is thrown & caught. They're grossly inaccurate. Only SmartPitch® gives you hands-free Freedom of location, Exit Velocity & Launch Angle for hitting - compare to Statcast.
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    Can I share my speeds on Facebook?
    Yes, all results screens have one-touch sharing on Facebook, Twitter and email. Your friends will get a chart of your results plus your own personal message. See screen shots of Tweets, Facebook posts and emails in the "App Preview" tab.
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    How does SmartPitch® work?
    SP turns your phone into a supercomputer. Each second It analyzes 30 million pixels of video data & runs 600,000 lines of code. It uses AI - Artificial Intelligence. Hundreds of math, physics, statistics and geometry equations are built into SP.
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    What enhancements are coming?
    We plan to: 1. implement full team management for coaches. 2. Add more charts, stats and data. 3. Add new features to Cricket. 4. Investigate adding golf, soccer and tennis to SmartPitch®.
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    Can I Use SmartPitch® Without a Tripod? Yes!!!!
    Yes, you can use SmartPitch® without a tripod!!! Just attach it firmly to a dugout post, a fence post or a fence railing. Examples and photos are in the SmartPitch® blog post on Tripod Hacks.
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    Is SmartPitch® on Android and iPhones? Yes !!
    SmartPitch® was designed from the ground up to work on iPhones and Android phones. Download SmartPitch® free from the App Store and Android version NOW in the Google Play Store.
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    Does it Work for Cricket? Yes!!!
    SmartPitch® works for Cricket and Baseball. Use at the nets for practice or live during the match. Bowling Speed and Batting Exit Velocity & Launch Angle. See Cricket tab for more information.
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    Is SmartPitch® the Only Live Hands-Free In-Game App? Yes!!
    SmartPitch® is the only Baseball & Cricket speed app that is Hands-Free, gives speeds Live during the game or match, and can be used anywhere on or outside the field boundary. All others require hands on constant touching, or work on video after the fact, not live.
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